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Parkgate Society Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, our Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who collectively set the organization’s strategic direction. This allows community members to play an essential role in our operations, and establishes programs and services that directly meet the community’s needs.

The Board of Directors is composed of up to twelve experienced professionals with various backgrounds and perspectives, who are passionate about the Society’s programs and services. Board Members are elected by the general membership at each Annual General Meeting and may serve on the Board for up to 2 three-year terms.

The 2023/2024 Volunteer Board of Directors are:


Trelawny Bell


Shaun Wysiecki


Natalie Wagorn


Marnie Schigas

Members at Large:

Marcus Acaster

Kathy Campbell

Susan Chan

Stephen Cheung

Zachary McKnight

Andrew Szymanski

Patrick Weafer

Carmel Wiseman


If you wish to contact the Board of Directors of Parkgate Society, please send an email to: info [at] parkgatesociety [dot] ca

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