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Creating opportunities for our community to connect and live life better!

We offer unique low-cost and no-cost programs that bring people of all ages together. Everyone is welcome to join us – to participate in programs, chat with our staff, volunteer, enjoy a community meal, or just be with friends and neighbours.

Beginning in 1974 as an information centre operating out of the Burrard View Elementary School, Parkgate Society was established by volunteers to meet the needs of the community. In 1979, services were moved to the Seycove Community Centre, and four years later, the Society was registered as a not-for-profit charitable organization.

In 1999, Parkgate Society moved into our current home at Parkgate Community Centre and began providing enhanced programs and services under a unique community governance model in partnership with the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (NVRC). Under this partnership, Parkgate Society provides community-inspired and community-supported low-cost and no-cost programs and services; while NVRC is responsible for delivering and operating the recreation and culture programs and services such as the weight room, the pottery studio, fitness classes, sports programs, cooking classes, art classes, and outdoor recreation services.

Together we provide the community with enhanced social, cultural, educational, health, fitness, and activity-based programs and services, all out of one community facility. This unique relationship, and the breadth of our programming mix, has turned a health and fitness centre into a community living room and into the heart of the Seymour community.

We continue to seek out new opportunities to create community partnerships and funding relationships that lead to increased community programs, community involvement, and community engagement. If you are interested in working with us or have a suggestion for a program or service that would be a benefit to the community, please get in touch.

Our Mandate

Operating out of Parkgate Community Centre, Parkgate Society delivers affordable community-based programs and services for people on the North Shore.

Promote, stimulate and preserve the philosophy of community development and community spirit • Develop a unique blend of social, cultural, educational and recreation program and service options in response to community needs, serving individuals, children, youth, families and seniors • Work in partnership with community agencies, organizations and funding bodies to create a diverse range of low-cost/no-cost programming that is accessible to everyone in the community.

Community-inspired • Community-supported •Community-driven

Our Vision

A vibrant, connected community

Our Mission

To create opportunities for people in our community to live life better

Our Core Values

We believe…

Belonging: establishing and developing meaningful relationships creates an engaged, connected and resilient community.

Listening: active listening and positive interactions build a foundation of community connections, engagement and trust.

Responding: responding to the ever-changing needs of our community can be achieved by creating a unique blend of programs and services that appeal to a diverse population.

Connecting: connecting with individuals, groups, agencies and businesses, helps us accomplish more together than apart.

Welcoming: in programs and services that are welcoming, inclusive and accessible to people of all generations, cultures, means and abilities.

Parkgate Community Services Society Governance Model – Partnerships


Owner of Parkgate Community Centre

Responsible for facility maintenance, as well as the weight room, arts studios, registered sport skills development, leisure programs, and outdoor recreation – see for more details on fitness and recreation programs at Parkgate.

Parkgate Society Community Services

Provides low-cost and no-cost social programs and events for children, youth, families, and seniors.

“I’m tremendously grateful to have such a wonderful facility in my neighbourhood!”

–Birte H, program participant

Volunteer with us

Are you looking for a way to connect with our community? We are looking for volunteers of all ages who want to share their passion and skills with us and help to make our community a special place.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

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