Child Care

3 – 5 Care (3 – 5 years of age)

We believe that children learn best through active, hands on play. By offering inspiring and fun activities related to art, math, science, and early literacy, children in our program naturally learn problem-solving and self-regulation skills that prepare them for entry into kindergarten.

In our program, children learn through their experiences and develop confidence while being encouraged to question, be self-reliant, and respectful of each other’s differences. Our child-centred guidance is always positive, supportive, and nurturing.


Sample of Daily Schedule:
7:30am Program opens
Morning: Free play and circle time
  Snack time
Late morning: Outdoor play/gym time
Noon Lunch time
After lunch Quiet time / nap time
Mid-afternoon Activities / snack time / circle time
Late afternoon Outdoor play / gym time
5:30pm Program closes

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Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

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