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Guidelines for COVID-19 Safety

Enter and exit through the outside plaza doors. Doors open 10 minutes prior to start time - please keep 3 metres apart while you wait.

As per the Public Health Order, masks are to be worn at all times in public spaces. We will provide masks if you don't have one.

Before entering staff will ask you to take the COVID-19 self-test posted on the door, take your temperature, have you wash or sanitize your hands, and show you to your seat.

You will be asked for your name, address, phone number, and email the first time you come for communication and contact tracing purposes.

Note: All programs are subject to change

Drop-In Programs

Must hold a valid Parkgate Society Membership.  Drop-in includes coffee and baked goodies donated by PARC Cedar Springs.

$5 drop-in or buy a book of 10 for $45 incl tax and get the 10th game free. Payable at the front desk


iPad Club

For more information, email maryanne [dot] ipadclass [at] gmail [dot] com

Room C04
Th 10am -12pm
iPad Level One is a prerequisite.


Bridge – Group of 4

Mary Hunter Hall
W 1pm – 3pm


Open Games Time

Seniors Multipurpose R08
M 10am – 12pm
Seniors’ Multipurpose R08
M 12:30pm – 3pm
Seniors’ Lounge
Th 1pm – 3pm


Duplicate Bridge

Mary Hunter Hall
M 1pm – 4pm



North Wing Multipurpose Room
Fri 1pm – 3pm


Mah Jong

Senior’s Lounge
Tu 10am – 12pm
W 1pm – 3pm

Free Drop-In Programs


Crosswords & Coffee on Zoom

Keep your brain fit with group crosswords. Meet Ava, our volunteer host and enjoy the company of other seniors while working on a virtual New York Times crossword puzzle. Working together is what makes this puzzle a breeze.
Tu 10 am
Email Ava to join: ava [dot] hughes19 [at] gmail [dot] com



Items are handcrafted with love while sharing coffee and treats in a social setting. The beautiful finished goods are sold as a fundraiser to support Older Adult programming at Parkgate Society. Drop in for an afternoon to see what it’s all about.
Senior Multipurpose Rm
Tu 1 – 3 pm

Registered Programs

(Registration opens August 24, 2022)


Bridge Lessons

Seniors Multipurpose R0708
Sept 15 – Oct 20
Course ID: 00168807

Easy to understand lessons in a casual environment with Pam Nolan. Vaccine passport in effect. 8 weeks.

iPad Level Two

Seniors Multipurpose R08
Nov 3 – Dec 8
Th 1pm – 3pm
Course ID: 00168548

iPad Level One

Seniors Multipurpose R08
Sept 15 – Oct 20
Th 1pm – 3pm
Course ID: 00168553

Parkgate Singers

Parkgate Singers is a group of lively individuals who meet to share in the joy of song under the musical direction of Ruth Townsend. The Parkgate Singers have been at the facility spreading music since 2008 and show no signs of slowing down. We are not accepting new singers at this time.

Mary Hunter Hall
Sept 12 – Oct 24
M 11am – 12pm

Oct 31 – Dec 12
M 11am – 12pm

Line Dancing Lessons

Dance Studio
Sept 12 – Oct 24
M 1pm – 2pm
Course ID: 00168810

Oct 31 – Dec 12
M 1pm – 2pm
Course ID: 00168823


United Way of the Lower Mainland
PARC Cedar Springs

Volunteer with us

Are you looking for a way to connect with our community? We are looking for volunteers of all ages who want to share their passion and skills with us and help to make our community a special place.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

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Parkgate Society relies on donations of any amount from community members just like you.

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