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The Social Prescribing Program supports seniors to access non-clinical, non-medical, community-based services to prevent or delay frailty by fostering resilience and social support using a comprehensive, strength-based approach. Parkgate Services Society is one of 19 organizations in BC funded by the Government of BC and managed by the United Way to provide a social prescribing program for seniors. Chronic conditions can be exacerbated by the loneliness experienced by patients. A social prescribing program aims to reduce primary care visits and health care spending by addressing social determinants of health and enhancing the social connections of isolated seniors at risk of frailty. Through a person-centered process with a community connector, seniors are supported to overcome barriers and access meaningful activities, services, and programs for as long as possible in their community.

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    Senior (55+) living in North Vancouver experiencing:

    Here are some examples of social prescribing:

    • Physical Activity Programs

    • Walking groups, fitness classes, and game/sports activities
    • Nutrition/Food Programs

    • Food bank and food delivery services, grocery shopping, Meals on Wheels, cooking classes, vegetable gardening activities
    • Social Programs & Services

    • Friendly visiting program, social groups, coffee, meetups, book clubs, support groups, language support
    • Access to Information and Support

    • Housing, transportation, income tax, pension and other benefits, SAFER, caregiving, and mental health services

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